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Tips To Identify A Failing Parking Brake In A Subaru

Tips to Identify a Failing Parking Brake in a Subaru

Subaru’s braking system utilizes a hydraulic brake and the parking brakes, both of which have peculiar and intertwined roles in stopping your car and keeping it from moving. When the parking brake of your Subaru acts up, it can fail to hold your vehicle in place and can roll away when parked on a slope. Keeping the parking brake in good shape is crucial to ensuring that your vehicle is safely parked.

The parking brake is also known as the handbrake or emergency brake. It works independently of the primary braking system and was designed to act as a backup when the primary brake fails. However, in most recent vehicles, the parking brake is used to keep the vehicle stationary when parked as it no longer has the capacity to bring a car to a halt as it used to.

Signs of a Failing Parking Brake

When your Subaru’s parking brake is failing, there are a few telltale signs. If you observe or notice any of the symptoms discussed below, your Subaru’s parking brake might be having a problem.

Difficulty engaging or disengaging the parking brake

If you have difficulty engaging or disengaging the parking brake, this is an indicator that it is failing. When there is an issue with the parking brake lever or handle, it may affect its proper functioning.

If you try disengaging the parking brake and notice that it is stiff or unusually tight, or you experience some resistance after the handbrake lever has been released, you should consult your technician. A stiff handbrake lever or resistance after the lever has been released means that the parking brake has not disengaged from the wheel. Driving while the handbrake is engaged could cause costly damage to your brake system.

Loose Parking Brake

Parking brakes can either be too tight, too loose, or perfectly adjusted. When you notice that the parking brake feels wobbly when engaged, this is a sign of a developing problem with the braking system.

Your vehicle keeps moving while the handbrake is engaged

The parking brake begins to wear out after an extended period of use. If you observe that your car still moves while the parking brake is engaged, it is an indication that your parking brake is failing. If you can’t trust your parking brake to hold your car still when parked, then it also can’t be used in emergencies on the roadways.

Brake warning lights

Subarus have a red warning light on the dashboard, which comes on when there is an issue with your vehicle braking system. Whenever the brake warning light comes on, it is a notification of a compromise with your vehicle braking system or parking brake, which must be checked immediately. Ignoring the warning may put you and other road users at risk of an accident.

Causes of Parking Brake Failure

The parking brake overrides your Subaru’s hydraulic brake system and locks the wheels in place whenever it is engaged. However, when the parking brake gives out, it fails to hold the vehicle in place. Several reasons can cause parking brake failure, and they include:

  • Worn Out Cables: When the parking brake cable gets rusty, its structural integrity begins to diminish, and it will ultimately fail. The parking brake system will malfunction when the cable is not in great shape.
  • Damaged Lever: Wear and tear that occurs after a long period of use can cause the parking brake lever to fail. When the brake lever gives in, your vehicle’s parking brake will fail to engage or disengage.
  • Driving with a parking brake in use: Driving while the parking brake is engaged will cause several parts to wear out prematurely due to the friction and heat the brake system generates. This may cause the failure of your parking brake.

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