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Reasons Your Subaru Shudders On Acceleration: Advice From The Trustworthy Car Pros In Birmingham

Reasons Your Subaru Shudders on Acceleration: Advice from the Trustworthy Car Pros in Birmingham

Subarus are hailed as some of the most reliable modern vehicles with relatively inexpensive repairs. That is why strange sounds and vibrations can be so disheartening. The good news is that if taken care of right away, most of the minor repairs and part replacements needed are a small price to pay for a smooth-running vehicle.

There are several possible causes of a shuddering on acceleration. If something is misaligned or a part is worn, you risk severe damage to your vehicle every time you drive. Likewise, if you attempt to make these delicate repairs yourself, you introduce additional risk to your Subaru.

The good news is that if you notice the telltale shudder right away, the possible problems are all part of routine maintenance and replacements and can be taken care of by our expert technicians in no time at all.

Axle Damage

If you have gotten into an accident recently, or your Subaru is recovering from an icy winter, you could have axle damage. The axle is the car’s spine, holding up the weight of the chassis and keeping everything aligned. Even a tiny bend to the front or rear axle could become dangerous at high speeds.

If you suspect you have axle damage, you’ll need a professional to take a look underneath your vehicle. Any warps or bends are serious problems that you should avoid driving on for any length of time. While inspecting the underside of your vehicle, a technician will look at the rubber boot covering your CV joints. If that boot is torn or worn, you’ll need repairs.

Moisture, oil, or debris can penetrate a torn boot and cause corrosion to your CV joints. If left unrepaired for long enough, you may need to repair or replace not just your CV joints but your driveshaft, too. Replacing the boot is a relatively inexpensive repair, but replacing a driveshaft can be very expensive. Don’t let this problem linger. Bring your Subaru in to see us as soon as you suspect there is trouble under the body.

Tire Maintenance

One of the most expensive maintenance mistakes we see vehicle owners make is failing to rotate their tires. To ensure even wear and good traction, tires should be rotated roughly every 5,000 miles. It’s a cheap and easy thing to schedule along with your oil change. If you let that slide, you will end up spending twice as much, if not more, on new tires.

In addition to keeping your tires in alignment, rotating your tires gives us a chance to make sure your lug nuts are firmly in place and your tire pressure is up to scratch. Little things like under-inflated tires or wheels that rattle against the axel might be hard to notice.

These changes occur gradually, and it’s easy to get used to a rattling sound or a worn tread when you drive every day. All it takes is a quick look from your mechanic, however, to spot trouble brewing. Staying on the tire maintenance schedule recommended by your manual will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Engine Trouble

There is nothing a vehicle owner fears more than engine trouble. If you have inspected the body of your Subaru for damage and have not found the source of the shuddering, the problem lies under the hood. If your spark plugs are old or covered in debris, they will begin to misfire. Having your spark plugs replaced is thankfully an inexpensive repair. Failure to replace a bad spark plug will cause an improper air/fuel mixture which will not combust properly. If left unchecked, you run the risk of encountering a catastrophic engine failure while driving.

Another possibility is a motor mount malfunction. Subaru engine mounts are filled with liquid to help absorb shocks and normalize cabin vibration. It goes without saying that when a fluid-filled part becomes damaged or worn, your engine could be in serious damage. If the shuddering you feel on acceleration becomes more of a clanging sound on the highway, your engine itself could be loose. A loose engine is subject to impact damage and part failure if not corrected. Driving with suspected damage to your motor mounts is not advised. Once again, the cost of replacing an engine mount is significantly cheaper than the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged engine.

Franklin Automotive Has Seen It All

The mechanics at Franklin Automotive are the import Subaru Tire Maintenance experts of the Birmingham, AL area.  Our unparalleled customer service and expertise have made us the first choice for vehicle owners for nearly 30 years.

Our commitment to quality started in Homewood in 1992. We quickly outgrew that space and moved to our current location on Acton Road, snuggled right between MountainBrook and Vestavia. Since 2017, our very own Ward Drennen, a native of the Inverness neighborhood of Hoover, Al, has been at the helm. Ward comes from four generations of Alabama car care experts, and we are lucky to have him.

Every day our 11 technicians take care of the cars for our Birmingham neighbors from Greystone to Cahaba Heights. We aim to build a trusting relationship with each and every one of our neighbors, and we hope to see you and your vehicle soon.

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