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Import Auto Brake Repairs

When it comes to your safety & your vehicle’s performance, there’s almost nothing as important as properly working brakes. Whether you’re driving as usual or need to come to a sudden stop, knowing you can count on your brakes at a moment’s notice is essential. Year-round maintenance and annual service appointments are the best way to make sure that your vehicle’s brakes are free of wear & able to perform at the high level you depend on. At Franklin Automotive we specialize in complete brake maintenance & repairs for the Birmingham area’s most popular Import vehicles.

Servicing All Models of

At Franklin Automotive we’re committed to providing your make & model with the highest quality service possible. With over 150 combined years of experience, our ASE certified technicians understand the importance of working with you to get your brakes the service it needs. From minor tweaks to major repairs & replacements, we guarantee your satisfaction with every visit and back our work with our minimum 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

Signs it’s Time to Service Your Brakes

If you put off servicing your brakes long enough, you’ll begin to notice signs of wear & tear. Recognizing these signs early on is key to avoiding any long-term issues or compromising the performance of your vehicle’s brakes. Some key signs to look for include:

  • Brake Light Stays On
  • Squealing or Grinding Noises When Braking
  • Wobbling or Scraping When Braking
  • Visibly Leaking Fluid
  • Spongy Brake Pedal
  • Vehicle Pulls to One Side While Braking
  • Burning Smells While Driving
  • Vehicle Bounces When You Stop

With how often you drive, any diminished performance from your brakes can be risky so our technicians will always check every part of your brake system. This allows us to mark any potential trouble spots, so we can make a maintenance plan with you that ensures your brakes never get too worn down to perform at the level you depend on.

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Conveniently located in Birmingham, since 1992 the team at Franklin Automotive has welcomed drivers throughout town & surrounding areas including:

If your car is due for service or for a routine maintenance inspection for your brakes, please call or visit our shop today. Our friendly, knowledgeable mechanics are always here to help you get the best for your vehicle.

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