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Why Your Wipers Refuse To Operate In Your Nissan In Birmingham

Why Your Wipers Refuse to Operate in Your Nissan in Birmingham

Wipers are an instrument used to remove water fluids, snow, rain, debris, pollen, and other particles from the windscreen of a vehicle to enable it to have a clear view when driving your car. The windshield wipers are one of the easiest parts of your vehicle to maintain. Replacing and maintaining your wipers can be done easily at your home.

It is important to know the basic parts of your wiper to enable you to identify a fault and fix it accordingly. Let’s take a look at the components of a windshield wiper.

Anatomy of a Windshield Wiper

The windshield wiper is made up of a few parts which will be highlighted below.

  • Wiper motor: Usually located on the firewall of the engine compartment, the wiper motor is a tube-like motor that is connected to the arm of the wiper. It is used to connect the dual windshield wiper arms.
  • Windshield wiper arm: The windshield arm is used to extend the movement from the motor of the wiper to the wiper itself. It is usually made of metal or plastic body. The arm is located at the base of the wiper and is attached to a motor. It connects the motor and the blade. Some wiper arms have a joint that allows them to move and be flexible.
  • Connectors: The connector is used to attach the wiper blades to the wiper arm. Using the right type of connectors is very important to enable the wiper to work efficiently and noiselessly.
  • Wipers blade: The wipers blade is the part that does the wiping of the windshield. The wipers blade is a plastic part that stays in contact with the windshield at all times and it connects the wiper arm. The plastic part does the actual wiping of liquids and debris from the windshield to allow the shields visibility.

Why Wipers are Refusing to Work on Your Nissan

Wipers are ordinarily not complex to replace so most drivers don’t pay attention to their maintenance. The wiper plays a very crucial role in the safety of your car, and negligence may lead to accidents or collisions when you can’t see well. A windshield wiper is very fragile and if proper maintenance is not done on it, and it is also prone to natural wear and tear.

When one windshield wiper stops working, it might become really uncomfortable to clean dirt from your windshield. However, both windshield wipers not working can put you and others in harm’s way because you won’t be able to see well in harsh weather.

The Most Common Reasons for Wiper Malfunction

We’re going to highlight a few reasons why your wiper is refusing to work on your Nissan below:

  • Your wipers are not seated properly: If your windshield wiper is not mounted properly, it might malfunction and refuse to work. When you notice this, you can check to ensure the wiper is properly seated in its mount.
  • Your wipers motor has a fault: The wiper motor serves as the power to your wipers. When this motor develops a fault for any reason, your wipers may refuse to work at all.
  • The screws on your wipers are loose: The entire wiper system is held together by screws and nuts. If these become loose, it may cause the wiper to become loose and stop working properly.
  • Your wiper blade is torn: The blades of the wiper are what is in contact with your windshield’s surface. They’re usually made with delicate rubber and might easily get ripped when they become brittle from sun exposure or dry heat.
  • Your wipers are frozen: Due to the light nature of your wiper, it is very easy for heavy substances like snow to weigh them down, ice to cause them to stick to the windshield, or freezing weather cause the motor to seize up.

Franklin Automotive for Your Nissan Wiper Needs in Birmingham

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