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Signs That Your Nissan Needs A Transmission Flush

Signs That Your Nissan Needs a Transmission Flush

Nissan is one of the most popular Asian vehicles in the market. Most of these Japanese vehicle models have sleek designs and high-end features that make them stand out in the Asian car industry. Nissan is highly efficient and comes with nice interiors. However, with all these features, the Nissan Motor brands are not flawless. They also come with their own specific issues. But, with adequate maintenance at the right service center, your Nissan vehicle’s performance will always be at its peak. One of the most important maintenance you need to keep your Nissan working excellently is a transmission flush.

What is a transmission flush?

A Nissan transmission flush involves the total removal and replacement of the old transmission fluid that has sludge and dirt with new fluid. Transmission fluid is used to lubricate and cool your vehicle’s transmission system. Transmission fluid accumulates foreign particles after long usage, which can impede its activities, causing the transmission to generate extra heat and friction. These particles eventually accumulate and form sludge deposits in the transmission, interfering with acceleration and shifting.

Indicators That You Need A Transmission Flush

The transmission of your automobile is in charge of transmitting the power generated in the engine to the wheels, causing them to spin. A faulty transmission means your Nissan will have a tough time moving. Before that happens, you may discover indicators of transmission issues that require prompt care before they worsen. If you detect any of the following symptoms, make your way to our auto repair service center for transmission servicing:

  • Squealing or Grinding Noise: The first sign that your transmission system needs a transmission flush is when you start hearing grinding This is a mechanical noise made during metal-on-metal grinding when you try to shift between gears. This kind of noise can occur in manual and automatic transmission vehicles, and it is usually caused by low or old transmission fluid in your Nissan.
  • Burning Smell: Another sign that might indicate that you need to flush your transmission is a burning smell. When the transmission fluid in your Nissan is low, it can cause a lot of abnormalities in your vehicle. If the transmission fluid is low and the vehicle starts overheating, you will begin to perceive a burning smell. If you own a Nissan that is a manual transmission, these symptoms could mean it’s time to have a new clutch plate.
  • Shifting Out of Gear: If your Nissan is a manual car, then this transmission problem must be addressed immediately, mostly because it poses a danger. When your car shifts out of gear, you lose control of the vehicle. Don’t allow this to happen more than once; as soon as you notice this kind of symptom, take your car to a Nissan expert as soon as possible or have it towed to our auto center.
  • Erratic Shifting: If an automatic transmission car shifts at irregular intervals, there might be a problem with the transmission. However, this might also indicate an issue with the transmission fluid.
  • Delayed Shifting: Is your car’s engine revving up while the auto transmission changes from neutral to drive or even between gears? This is an obvious sign of low fluid levels, and continuing operation will damage your transmission system and demand extensive transmission maintenance.
  • Transmission Fluid Leak: A pool of transmission fluid in your garage is one of the more visible symptoms of the need for a transmission flush. Transmission fluid is often red, which distinguishes it from other vehicle fluids. When it is old, it can darken and be grimey.

Visit Our Nissan Transmission Experts

Putting off transmission repair in your Nissan Nissan Transmission Flush vehicle may cost you thousands of dollars, but Franklin Automotive wants to make this service affordable for you. When you bring your Nissan to us, we will help you with the best transmission service possible. Our mechanics will not only change the transmission fluid but will ensure the whole system is in order. We also provide upfront pricing, so there are no surprises.

When you’re in need, visit Franklin Automotive’s facility for a transmission fluid flush. We are delighted to serve drivers throughout areas like Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Pelham, Trussville, and Birmingham, AL. To get started, schedule a transmission appointment today!

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