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Tips To Diagnose Differential Failure In Your Volkswagen

Tips to Diagnose Differential Failure in Your Volkswagen

The differential in your car is an important component, but not one that is talked about that much. The differential allows your car to drive on the road, and importantly, make corners smoothly.

Basically, this component will transfer the power that the engine creates down to the wheels so the tires will move and propel your car forward. When you turn a corner, the inside wheel doesn’t have to go as far as the outside wheel does. The differential is the component that alters the speed of the spinning wheels to allow this transition to occur.

This particular component needs to work constantly while the car is in motion. This means that it is more likely to naturally degrade easier, and may see more wear and tear compared to other parts. When it wears out, a replacement part is expensive, but it is necessary to keep the car running smoothly.

The best thing a car owner can do is be proactive and diagnose differential failure so they can catch the problem early on. This can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Common Signs of Differential Failure

There are a few signs that a car owner can look for when trying to determine if their differential is about to fail. These include:

  • the transmission starts to make grinding noises or whines
  • the gears have not had regular service for a while
  • the gear oil or transmission fluid gets contaminated or dirty
  • the tiers have uneven wear on them
  • the vehicle starts to corner roughly
  • the vehicle is vibrating when you go faster
  • the gears make humming noises or start to grind
  • you notice the differential fluid is leaking

Preventing Differential Failure

Car owners do have a few steps they can take to prevent their differential from failing on them. A few things that all car owners can do to make sure the differential does not fail in their Volkswagen includes:

Inspect this system frequently. A certified mechanic can do this for you.

Let Our Experts Repair Your VW’s Differential Failure

There are a few signs that indicate your Volkswagen Differential Failure Fixdifferential is no longer working the way it was designed. First, listen for strange noises. Any time there is an unexplained noise while you drive, this is an obvious sign that there is a problem inside the vehicle that you need to fix. If the differential is the part failing, then the loud noises will happen when you corner. Ignoring the issue for too long will cause the gears to break down.

Volkswagen owners may notice weird smells, too. The scent of burned oil is a sign of a few major problems in any car. When the oil for the differential gets old, it will turn thick and can inhibit the gears and other components from being lubricated and working well. Any time you notice the smell of burning oil, it is time to take the Volkswagen into a certified mechanic to check out the problem.

The differential also has oil that helps it run smoothly. If you notice any kind of leak, it is important to take the car into a certified mechanic on our team. It may be the differential or another part, but oil leaks of any kind are never a good sign. When the differential does not get the oil it needs, the gears will start to grind together and make horrible noises. This causes the different parts to break down and not work as designed.

If you want to have a smooth ride and avoid problems when you are cornering on the road, take good care of your VW’s differential. Any time you suspect there are issues in this part, it is important to bring your Volkswagen into our certified mechanics. We can check out the system and do any necessary repairs for you.

Franklin Automotive for your VW’s Differential Repair

At Franklin Automotive, our mechanics are here to diagnose a differential failure in your Volkswagen before the problem becomes severe. We are proud to serve the residents of Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Inverness, Cahaba Heights, Greystone, and Birmingham, AL with all your repair needs. Call us today to set up your appointment. We look forward to earning your repeat business soon!

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