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Expert Care For Oil Sludge Buildup In Your Volkswagen

Expert Care for Oil Sludge Buildup in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagens are safe and reliable and in order to keep that reliability, it is important that you stay current on your regular maintenance. Neglecting maintenance can lead to oil sludge buildup and unnecessary costly repairs.

What is oil sludge buildup?

Oil sludge buildup is due to oxidation or contamination. It occurs when oil solidifies. The buildup will cause your Volkswagen to perform poorly. The issue should be rectified immediately before it causes major damage and affects the dependability of your Volkswagen.

Oil sludge is a thick gel. It can attach itself to components in the engine. This buildup will block the flow of oil. When the engine is not receiving the oil that it needs there is added stress put on the radiator and cooling system.

Your Volkswagen must have proper lubrication to run correctly. When it is deprived of oil, moving components will experience friction. This friction will lead to component damage and failure.

Reasons for Oil Sludge Buildup

Over time, the oil will break down. This can lead to oil sludge buildup. The buildup often occurs on top of the engine. Since the oil is not circulating correctly, parts will not get lubricated, and they will fail.

Frequent causes of oil sludge buildup:

  • not changing the engine oil regularly
  • driving short distances
  • idling on long trips
  • dirty oil
  • water in the oil
  • using the incorrect oil

Symptoms of Engine Sludge Buildup

Engine sludge buildup may not be as noticeable as some issues. But there are some symptoms that you can spot that will indicate a possible problem:

  • illuminated check engine light
  • clicking noises
  • illuminated oil check light
  • oil pressure is low
  • misfires
  • oil drains slowly
  • engine overheating
  • sludge in the oil filter

Indications that you need to change your oil:

  • power loss
  • idles roughly
  • knocking sounds
  • ticking sounds
  • illuminated check engine light

Removing Oil Sludge Buildup in Your Volkswagen

Oil sludge needs to be removed from your Volkswagen before it causes damage. Oil sludge can get into essential parts of your engine. It is vital these parts are thoroughly cleaned to avoid component failures. At Franklin Automotive, Our ASE certified technicians know how to efficiently remove this sludge.

Sludge removal usually involves cleaning inside the engine. It is not an easy job and should only be handled by a professional technician that has been trained in doing so. Our service center has the latest factory-grade tools and equipment available and we have the training to know how to do this with expert knowledge.

Preventing Oil Sludge Buildup in Your Volkswagen

Oil sludge buildup can be prevented by having regular oil changes. Oil will break down over time leading to oil sludge. You should also replace the oil filter when it’s due. The oil filter is there to remove unwanted contaminants. We suggest that you have the filter replaced during every oil change.

Only use the recommended oil for your model. Using the wrong type of oil can cause damage to the engine.

Lastly, routine vehicle maintenance isn’t just a ploy to get your car into a garage. It’s very helpful to prevent problems and to catch issues early to avoid an expensive repair bill later. Having routine maintenance will give your mechanic the opportunity to find any issues before they become a big deal.

Benefits of changing your oil helps cool the engine, lengthens the life of the engine, increases gas mileage and improves your engine performance. It lubricates components and keeps the engine clean, which produces less pollution and gets rid of damaging dirt and debris.

Servicing Your Volkswagen

At Franklin Automotive, our ASE certified mechanics have Volkswagen Oil Change worked with the Volkswagen model for years. We always use the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available for all services including:

We Can Remove the Engine Sludge Buildup in Your Volkswagen

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