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Reasons Your Acura Jerks Between Gear Changes: Advice From Experienced Mechanics In Birmingham

Reasons Your Acura Jerks Between Gear Changes: Advice from Experienced Mechanics in Birmingham

It can be very disorienting and quite nerve-wracking when your dream Acura begins to jerk forward during gear changes. Needless to say, at the wrong moment, it can very well result in damage to your car, someone’s property, pedestrians, and yourself.

If you notice your automobile shudders or jerks when you change gears, this is a problem you should not overlook. A jerking automobile is frequently an indication that if you don’t fix the problem, your car will develop further issues quickly. So in this article, we’ll be looking at the reasons why your Acura might be jerking and what you can do about it.

Common Reasons for Jerking Between Gear Changes

  • Dirty Fuel Injectors: Fuel injectors that are dirty are one of the most prevalent causes of jerky acceleration. When you try to accelerate from a stop or drive at a regular speed, your automobile loses power due to a filthy injector. A misfire in the engine is generally known to be the culprit in most situations.
  • Obstructions: It’s possible that there’s a blockage stopping your automobile from obtaining the gasoline it requires to accelerate. Air and gasoline combine to form a spray that powers your engine. If something gets in the way, your automobile may struggle to move properly.
  • Worn Out Spark Plugs: It’s possible that your spark plugs have worn out and are unable to ignite the gasoline in the piston quickly enough. As a result, your automobile may not accelerate or shift gears as rapidly. Spark plugs, fortunately, are inexpensive to fix and replace.
  • Dirty Filters: The air filter is responsible for keeping contaminants out of your engine. However, these pollutants might accumulate over time, causing your automobile to not accelerate effectively. This will entail methodical removal of the air filters and wiping them clean before reinstalling In some cases, an entire replacement is needed.
  • Damaged Cylinders: Your engine’s ability to perform correctly will be put to question if the cylinders are damaged, resulting in an engine misfire. You should contact a professional about this problem so the cylinders can be serviced or replaced. Otherwise, your engine would rapidly deteriorate.
  • Blocked Catalytic Converters: It is possible that your catalytic converter is clogged. A blockage might occur if the air-fuel combination traveling through your catalytic converter becomes too rich. With a decent catalytic converter cleaner, you might be able to clear it out. It is advisable to take it to a professional though, for efficient work.
  • Damaged Gas Lines: Gas lines carry gas throughout your engine. A problem with a gas line, on the other hand, might result in a loss of pressure in your automobile, causing it to jolt A faulty gasoline line might even cause your motor to catch fire in extreme situations. Make sure the gasoline line doesn’t have any holes in it. If you smell gasoline when outside your vehicle, you may have a leak in the line.
  • Damaged Acceleration Cables: It’s possible that the acceleration cable has been damaged. This cable connects your gas cable to the throttle plate on your engine. The cable pulls the throttle open when you press the gas pedal, allowing your automobile to accelerate.
  • Malfunctioning Carburetors: The carburetor is in charge of regulating the amount of gasoline and air combined together before entering the engine. When the carburetor is destroyed, your automobile will not only jerk when gears are changed, but it will also perform poorly in general.
  • Distributor Cap Moisture: If it’s snowing, moisture gathering on the distributor cap may cause jerky gear shift. When you park your car outside in the winter, this is common. Parking your car in a warmer location will help you prevent this.

How to Prevent Problems in Your Acura

Franklin Automotive services customers in the communities Acura Catalytic Converter Replacement of Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Pelham, Trussville, Birmingham, AL. We’re experienced and thorough when it comes to repairing automobile gear shift problems. No repair is too difficult for us to handle when it comes to your Acura or any other well-engineered brand.

If your Acura is jerking or you want to understand more about how your automobile works, contact Franklin Automotive right away to talk with one of our specialists. We will gladly assist you in any car service or maintenance you need.

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