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Contact Us If Your Infiniti’s Accelerator Pedal Is Stuck In An Open Position In Birmingham

Contact Us if Your Infiniti’s Accelerator Pedal is Stuck in an Open Position in Birmingham

Your Infiniti’s accelerator pedal is responsible for remotely modulating the vehicle’s engine power. It enables you to control your Infiniti’s speed using a foot pedal. It is directly connected to your Infiniti’s throttle electronically or via cables.

When your accelerator pedal is stuck in the open position, it can be very dangerous, as you may struggle to stop your vehicle from accelerating rapidly. Let’s look at the likely reasons why your Infiniti’s accelerator pedal may become stuck.

Why Your Infiniti’s Accelerator Pedal May be Stuck in an Open Position

  • Broken throttle cable: The throttle cable is the mechanical link between your engine throttle plate and the gas pedal. Due to age or excessive stress, the cable may become overstretched and break. A broken throttle cable may lead to a delay in your accelerator response time.
  • A bunched-up or poorly positioned floor mat: If your floor mat is not properly positioned or is bunched up, it may cause difficulty pressing the accelerator pedals. As trivial as this may sound, the consequences may be dire if left unnoticed. Therefore, it is critical to position your floor mat before starting your Infiniti correctly.
  • An object wedging the accelerator pedal: One of the reasons you may have a stuck accelerator pedal is because an object like a bottle or plastic cup finds its way under your Infiniti’s accelerator pedal. It may become wedged and make it difficult for the accelerator pedal to function.
  • A defective vacuum hose: A defective vacuum hose may cause your Infiniti’s accelerator pedal to become stuck. In addition, excess air may flow into the engine if the vacuum hose is leaking. It may cause a fuel and air mixture imbalance, affecting combustion In addition, excess air may affect your Infiniti’s accelerator pedal’s ability to respond when you want to accelerate.

What to do if your Infiniti’s Accelerator Pedal is Stuck

A stuck accelerator pedal in your Infiniti may cause a terrifying situation, especially when driving at full speed. Here is what you should do if you notice your accelerator pedal is stuck:

Try to Stay Calm

When you notice that your Infiniti’s accelerator pedal is stuck, you must stay calm to process the situation and know what to do next.

Shift to Neutral

The next thing you should do is shift your vehicle into neutral. Putting it in neutral will help stop the speed from increasing, even though you will hear your engine rev higher. When in neutral, the power is cut from the tires, so you won’t accelerate.

If you use an Infiniti with a manual transmission, shift the gears by applying the clutch. You may forget to do this when stressed or frightened.

Apply your brakes

If you can shift your Infiniti to neutral, then apply the brakes in a calm fashion. If you do not see an imminent collision, do not slam on your brakes, as this could make it more difficult for you to steer. Your engine may continue to accelerate, but your job at this point is slowing your car to a stop to keep you safe.

Safely steer your Infiniti to the roadside if possible

If you can, try to steer your Infiniti away from traffic to the side of the road to prevent any accident. Shut off your engine when you are in a safe position.

When stopped, and the engine has been turned off, use your hazard lights

It is critical to let other drivers on the road know about your situation by turning on your Infiniti’s hazard light. It enables them to adjust and give you more room.

Inspect your Infiniti pedals

Take a deep breath and remain calm. Check if there is a bunched-up floor mat or any object wedging the pedal and preventing it from working. If so, remove the object. You may still feel uneasy getting back behind the wheel. That’s when you call for help.

Call Our Professional Mechanics

If the issue was not caused by an object wedging the pedal or by a bunched-up floor mat, call us for an inspection. The failed pedal could have resulted from a damaged or worn brake mechanism, leaking vacuum hose, or broken accelerator links, which is more than you can handle as a DIY project at home.

Franklin Automotive Has You Covered

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