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Why Is Your Toyota’s Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Why is Your Toyota’s Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Initially, air conditioning units in vehicles were considered a luxury, but today, virtually all new cars come equipped with an AC unit. The air conditioning system is part of Toyota’s comfort features. It removes heat and humidity from the vehicle’s cabin, replacing the warm air with cool and dry comfort to you and your passengers.

The AC unit consists of several components, including a compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver-dryer, and an expansion tube. These components all work in concert for the system’s effective functioning, and all have varying lifespans.

One of the most common problems drivers usually experience indicating an issue with the air conditioning unit is hot air from the vents. Keep reading as we discuss the possible cause why your air conditioning unit is blowing hot air.

Causes of Hot Air from the Air Conditioner Vent

Having your air conditioning unit fail during the brutal summer heat is not something you want to deal with. Discussed below are the possible causes of the problem:

Causes Of Hot Air From Your Toyota's Air Conditioner Vent

Failed A/C compressor

The compressor is one of the most critical components in the air conditioning unit. It circulates the refrigerants through the system, causing the cooling of the air. A failed compressor will not circulate refrigerants through the system, resulting in hot air circulation in the vehicle cabin.

Refrigerant leaks

The refrigerant circulates through the system, expanding and contracting to remove heat and humidity from the cabin. If there is a leak within the system, the refrigerant escapes into the atmosphere. When the coolant escapes from the system, it impacts the proper cooling of the air, causing the release of hot air from the vent.

Unlike oil or coolants, you may not see any signs of leaks which makes self-diagnosing of refrigerant leaks somewhat tricky. Hence, you will need the service of a professional to help inspect the system to ascertain that the hot air from the vent is due to refrigerant leaks.

Electrical complications

A perfectly-functional air conditioning unit may fail due to a blown ventilation fuse or bad relay. The ventilation fuse supplies power to the blower motor, circulating the air through the vent. A failed ventilation fuse, frayed wires, or bad relay could hinder the energy supply to the blower motor, causing the release of hot air from the vent.

Damaged belt

The compressor is run by a belt attached to the engine crankshaft. Over time, the belt wears down and fails, consequently hindering the functioning of the compressor. The result of a failed compressor is the release of hot air from the air vents.

Clogged condenser and bad fan

The condenser is another crucial component required for the effective cooling of the unit. It acts as a heat exchanger, which reduces the temperature of the refrigerant during the condensation process. A clogged or broken condenser would hinder the efficient cooling of the vehicle air conditioning unit, leading to the release of the hot air into the vehicle cabin. Weak fan rotation can also impact the proper functioning of the condenser.

Stuck blend air door

The blend door actuators are not something you often hear of. It controls the temperature and flow of air in your vehicle. The failure of the actuators could impact the heating or cooling capacity of your air conditioner. You may experience hot air blowing from the vent depending on the side with the faulty actuator.

Hot air blowing from the vents indicates that something is wrong with your Toyota’s air conditioning unit. Since the issue could have resulted from a host of causes, it is best to have a professional examine the problem for proper diagnosis.

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