The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

For Your Car

When it comes to cars, we pay so much focus to the engine and its connected parts.

Wheels are essential for the engine for getting where we need to go.

Wheels can affect your car’s -

Braking ability

Ride quality

Fuel economy

Below points define the servicing needs of the wheel alignment.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

To be safe and roadworthy, the vehicle needs to perform precisely.

Overtime, wheels can become misaligned and caused by a variety of factors.

Correct wheel alignment varies between cars and front wheels cause alignment issues.

Wheel alignment ensures the wheel's in the correct position for performance and safety.

Types of Bad Wheel Alignment

The wheel is titled inwards

The wheel is titled outwards

Wheels point inwards

Wheels point outwards

Steering axis behind vertical

Steering axis in front of vertical







Start to steer to the left or right

Impact the grips of the car on the road

Pull in one direction

Wheel lacking in the tread

Why Wheel Alignment is Important?