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Important Warning Signs Of Cooling Fan Module Failure In Your Volvo

Important Warning Signs of Cooling Fan Module Failure in Your Volvo

While Volvos are generally reliable cars, any vehicle will start to break down in various ways as time goes on. One of the possible problems Volvo owners will run into is the failure of the cooling fan module. That system is a very simple and inexpensive fix for a professional mechanic, but as a Volvo owner, it can be helpful to know the signs to look out for that point toward cooling fan module failure.

The Cooling Fan Module

As its name suggests, a cooling fan module monitors and regulates the internal temperature of a vehicle’s engine. Depending on whether the engine is too hot or too cold, it will turn itself off and on.

This cooling system is very important to the performance of your Volvo’s engine. While an engine can still run if its temperature rises or lowers too much, it won’t run as well as it can, leading its internal components to break down. Eventually, this can cause problems like poor fuel economy, poor engine performance, or even total engine failure.

The cooling fan module’s purpose is to expand an engine’s longevity by making sure it runs at the correct temperature as much as possible. That’s why if you think you might have a malfunctioning cooling fan module in your Volvo, you need to take it to an experienced auto technician as soon as you can to get it fixed.

The Signs and Symptoms of Cooling Fan Module Failure

When a cooling fan module stops working, your engine’s internal temperature will not regulate itself the way it should, but how can you tell this is happening? Unfortunately, many Volvos don’t have an engine temperature readout on the dashboard, only giving you a warning light when something is very wrong. Even without that, however, there are some things to watch for that could indicate the engine is having trouble regulating its temperature.

The degree to which you’ll be able to notice the problem is dependent on your geographic location and the weather. If you live in a place where it gets very cold in the winter, you may not be able to tell when there’s a cooling fan problem because the cooling fan typically won’t turn on much in the wintertime anyway.

When warmer weather comes, though, you may notice an issue. This is because hot temperatures outside of the car may make it hard for the engine’s internal sensors to tell the difference between the heat outside and the heat inside, causing the cooling fan to remain off even when the engine is overheating.

Just as a cooling fan might stay off when it needs to be on, a faulty electrical connection might mean that the fan is on all the time, whether the engine needs to cool down or not. This leads to lower internal engine temperatures, which will make the engine use fuel much less efficiently. Because of this, if you notice that your fuel economy has dropped significantly, a faulty cooling fan module could be a possible culprit. However, there are also many other possibilities.

Electrical connections in a car can be broken down very easily because the inside of a car, especially one that is driven often, can be a very unstable place. Parts bounce around and bump against each other, which can cause wires to come undone or become damaged. These failing electrical connections are what could lead to cooling fan module failure.

The reason behind a faulty cooling fan module doesn’t necessarily have to be electrical, though. There is also a simple issue that the fan can get dirty. Over time, dirt and debris will build up inside it, which can lead to the fan locking up and being unable to do its job when the engine overheats. This, of course, can be reversed by cleaning the fan.

Franklin Automotive Can Help

The best place to go when you encounter Volvo Cooling Fan Module Repair problems with your Volvo is to our professional mechanics at Franklin Automotive. We’re conveniently located for customers in Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Inverness, Cahaba Heights, Greystone, and Birmingham, Alabama, and we’d be happy to make your acquaintance. We look forward to becoming your Volvo maintenance and service center. Call us today.

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